We turn around the lives of disengaged young people. We see their potential. We give them a second chance. We build successful futures. Our success is society’s success.

We aim to underpin the programme with strong pastoral support, advice and guidance with a vision to provide engagement with positive role models

“I couldn’t imagine where I’d be without the staff and team at Footsteps. Their dedication and consistency is unmatched.”

“For me, it was the undeniable effort and respect they gave me, even when I was undeserving. They persisted and never gave up.”

We aim to ensure that our students access Post 16 places in education, training, apprenticeships, and employment. Above all, we want our students to be confident and know that they are able to do well in life

Before founding Footsteps, I was seeing too many kids who were just the same as I used to be at school – round pegs in square holes without any direction. I founded Footsteps to offer these kids the engagement and guidance that I never had

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