Making an impact…

Our Performance Manager, Janine, shares her experiences at Footsteps.

What’s your role at footsteps?

My role has changed at Footsteps over the past 9 years. I originally started out as a Learning Mentor. I went to a Senior Learning Mentor and then an Academy Leader. I am now the Performance Manager.

Why did you join Footsteps?

I think it’s a great place to work. I look at the fact that it’s a place where we want to make a difference in the young peoples lives. We can have a special impact even on those that have been excluded from the mainstream environment. There are also the students that some schools may struggle to work with, but I believe we are very much capable of helping and supporting them to make a difference.

What’s one of your proudest moments?

I have more than one. I would say that climbing through the various roles to my current position is a proud moment. And also I remember working with a particular student in settling into the school. Not only that, she achieved one of the highest grades and is now in university. She thought she could not do it. I like to think that as a result of my continuing encouragement and motivation she is now in university.

What do you want most for the students who come to Footsteps?

I want them to have confidence that they can achieve despite all the negative things that are said about young people. 

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